John Cena ESPYs Opening Video: Watch ESPY Awards Monologue!

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John Cena Espys open

By Shari Weiss |

John Cena Espys open


John Cena opened the 2016 ESPYs on Wednesday with a monologue about how he was an odd choice to host the show. But then he explained how the WWE and real sports are pretty much the same. He also cracked jokes about several athletes and sports franchises. Before Cena’s jokes, however, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony talked seriously about the police shootings of black men. Watch the videos below!

Cena noted that the NBA championships, like the WWE, had to have been scripted because the Cleveland Cavaliers won. “No way that wasn’t script,” said Cena, who pointed out that like wrestling, over his career, LeBron James went from being a “good guy to a bad guy and now a good guy again.” And in football, he said Odell Beckham, Jr. already “has the look” of a wrestler.

Going back to Cleveland, Cena cracked that now that the city ended its 52-year winning drought, it’s “time to fix everything else.” Cena further said that what newly retired Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant had in common was neither was good at passing. He also touched on the Olympics and how the Irish golfers were not going because of the Zika virus in Rio, before adding to groans that the Irish are not known for “pulling out.”

Cena was announced as the host for the 24th annual ESPY Awards in May, and he’ll co-host the Teen Choice Awards later this month. The athlete began his pro wrestling career in 1999 and has won multiple championships. But he’s expanded his career into television and film.

Speaking in a “GMA” interview last month, Cena said, “I’m just trying not to get the gong as I’m the first WWE superstar to host the ESPYs… Worst case scenario, I’m gonna have fun.” The only other sports stars to emcee the event are LeBron James (2007) and Lance Armstrong (2006). Gossip Cop has the full videos below of Cena’s opening monologue, and the strong message about police shootings in America.

NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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