John Cena Deadlifts Jimmy Fallon On “Tonight Show” – WATCH VIDEO!

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John Cena Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

John Cena Jimmy Fallon Video


Just how strong is John Cena? Strong enough to deadlift Jimmy Fallon “The Tonight Show” on Friday. Check out the crazy video below!

Cena was on the late-night show to promote the new season of “American Grit,” in which competitors face off in military-inspired fitness and endurance challenges. “We took really dedicated people and put them through intense physical challenges,” he explained, noting, “I try to use my voice to inspire and to try to motivate. On WWE, I proudly wear the mantra of ‘never give up’ every time I’m in the ring. So, this year on ‘American Grit,’ it’s all about finding your grit.”

“Yes, it is a competition show. Somebody’s going to walk away with a quarter of a million bucks, but it’s also a very, very inspirational journey,” Cena told Fallon. Of course, physicality is a significant part of the program, too, as it is in the wrestler’s life. The host noted he saw a video of Cena deadlifting more than 600 pounds, to which he nonchalantly stated, “That was my 40th birthday.”

Fallon went on to ask, “Here’s my question: Could you deadlift a person? Could you deadlift me?” The audience went wild over the idea, and Cena was game to “try it.” Fallon looked slightly terrified at first, and then amazed as he was hoisted off the ground.

When he wasn’t being used as a workout tool, Fallon was marveling over witnessing Cena’s WrestleMania engagement to Nikki Bella. “Waterworks. I lost it,” the late-night personality confessed. “That such a moment. I was blubbering.” As Gossip Cop reported, Cena’s “Tonight Show” appearance also included a game of “True Confessions” with Fallon and Kate McKinnon. Watch the videos below!

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