John Cena Squats Al Roker On ‘Today Show’ (VIDEO)

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John Cena Al Roker Squat Today Show

By Andrew Shuster |

John Cena Al Roker Squat Today Show


John Cena squatted Al Roker during a fitness segment on Tuesday’s “Today” show. Watch the funny video below!

The WWE superstar co-hosted the daytime talk show on Tuesday, during which he demonstrated some of his favorite exercises to do at home. Cena noted that the most common questions people ask him are “How do I get a nice butt?” and “How do I tone my tummy?” so he showed how to work those specific areas. The wrestler invited co-anchor Tamron Hall and some guests to try his workouts, which included lunges, bicycle kicks, and glute lifts. But he then went on to show the exercise he “lives and dies by,” which is the squat. The wrestler called the move “the most important exercise to build that booty… and your core as well.”

Cena proceeded to show off the perfect squatting technique, before adding, “When you get to the advanced stage, all you do is add weight: like Al Roker.” The wrestler then hoisted the weatherman off the ground and squatted with him multiple times, adding, “It’s very easy and you don’t have to get to a gym! I’m not selling you any product, I’m just trying to get out a better body.” The self-deprecating Roker then joked, “He’s working with dumbbells!” Watch the funny video below!

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