Joey McIntyre: One Direction Is NOT A “Boy Band” (VIDEO)

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Joey McIntyre One Direction Boy Band

By Shari Weiss |

Joey McIntyre One Direction Boy Band


One Direction is not a real boy band, at least according to Joey McIntyre. Watch below.

McIntyre appeared on Friday’s “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” to promote his new Pop show, “Return of the Mac.” Though they discussed the new series briefly, Colbert seemed most interested in McIntyre’s career with New Kids on the Block. The singer was barely a teen when the group shot to tremendous stardom in the late 1980s, and McIntyre and his band mates are still riding the wave of success all these years later.

After getting the lo-down on New Kids on the Block’s rise to fame, Colbert asked, “What about the new boy bands? Do you pay attention to, like, One Direction or the 5 Seconds of Summer?” McIntyre was impressed that the late-night host was even familiar with 5SOS.

But he responded quite seriously, “To me, they’re not technically boy bands, though. ‘Cause they just get up there and stand around and sing.” Colbert countered, “But they’re a boy and they’re a band.” Replied McIntyre, “No, no, no, no. We all know that if you’re a boy band, you have to sing AND dance.” As the audience cheered, the former child star yelled out, “I mean, that’s it, right? The boy band has to — these kids don’t know what they’re missing!”

McIntyre went on to teach Colbert one of NKOTB’s signature moves, although it didn’t go so well. To be fair, it’s worth noting that 1D actually prides itself on not dancing, and the guys of 5SOS play instruments as they perform… like an actual band-band. Interestingly, two years ago, McIntyre and New Kids weighed in on Zayn Malik leaving One Direction, and seemed to think the group was a boy band then. Check out the new video below, with McIntyre’s comments at the 4:55-mark.

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