Joey Cook “Mad World” American Idol Video: Singer ‘Tremendous’ On Movie Night

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Joey Cook American Idol Mad World Video

By Shari Weiss |

Joey Cook American Idol Mad World Video


Joey Cook gave a “tremendous” performance of “Mad World” on “America Idol” on Thursday. Watch below!

Cook took the stage after finding out the awesome news that she received enough votes following last week’s performance to score a coveted spot in the season 14 Top 10. Now, for this week’s Movie Night theme, Cook performed the Michael Andrews and Gary Jules version of “Mad World” from Donnie Darko. The performance marked a big departure for Cook, who on past episodes showed off her quirky personality. This time, however, the contestant was movingly serious, singing each and every lyric with poignant emotion.

Cook even seemed on the verge of tears when the song ended, and Jennifer Lopez exclaimed afterward, “Joey! I really enjoyed that. That was really beautiful. You were giving me Sia vibes.” The superstar went on to say, “It was a different side to you. It really was… This was pared down and serious artist, and it felt really beautiful. Congratulations.”

Harry Connick Jr. offered, “You always seem to stay in your lane but you’re finding ways to widen that lane. This to me is what I would call a great song. This is a great choice… I just thought you did a tremendous job.” And Keith Urban said, “You’re such an artist, Joey. Every week I see more depth of that artistry. You always deliver something unusual, and every time I think you’re going to go this way, you go that way, and that’s what you did this week.”

Check out the video below! How do you like this performance compared to Cook’s past ones?


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