Joey Chestnut LOSES Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest — WATCH VIDEO HERE

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Joey Chestnut Loses Hot Dog Eating Contest

By Shari Weiss |

Joey Chestnut Loses Hot Dog Eating Contest


Joey Chestnut was left with the taste of defeat on Saturday, when he LOST the 2015 Nathan’s hot dog eating contestant on Independence Day. See video below.

Chestnut had emerged victorious for the last eight years. He was now going for his ninth consecutive win at the annual Fourth of July event, held on New York’s Coney Island. But while he managed to scarf down 60 hot dogs, buns and all, it just wasn’t enough.

Matt Stonie managed to stuff himself with 62. And two wieners made all the difference. In exchange for all the calories, Stonie gets a cash prize and the competition’s signature champion belt.

Chestnut’s winning run began in 2007, when he stopped Takeru Kobayashi’s own six-year streak. And not only did Chestnut fall short of his record-setting highest amount (69 in 2013), he didn’t even surpass last year’s total, when he ate 61. Stonie was also the competitor to watch out for, as he came in second last year.

And, as Gossip Cop reported at the time, Chestnut not only came away with the win in 2014, but also a new fiancée. The competitive eater proposed to girlfriend Neslie Ricasa in front of television cameras and hundreds of spectators. After popping the question, Chestnut went on to take the match.

The two ultimately did not get married, though, and now it seems his luck has run out. Watch the whole thing go down, literally, below. Note: Video no longer available.


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