Joey Chestnut Celebrates Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Win On “Today” Show (VIDEO)

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Joey Chestnut Today Show Video

By Shari Weiss |

Joey Chestnut Today Show Video


Joey Chestnut celebrated his 2017 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest win on the “Today” show on Wednesday. Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Chestnut ate a record-breaking 72 hot dogs in this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, which took place on Coney Island on Tuesday. Not only did the competitive eater keep his title from last year, but he broke his own record by eating two more hot dogs and buns than he did in 2016. He and Miki Sudo, the winner of the female competition, stopped by “Today” to discuss the experience, and did their live interview alongside (what else?) piles of hot dogs.

“I’m feeling alright,” Chestnut said less than 24 hours after stuffing his face. “I’m gonna feel like garbage for a couple of days.” Immediately following the competition, he said he’s “tired, I’m thirsty, because there’s so much sodium in hot dogs. I’m extremely thirsty and I’m sweating like an animal.” Incredibly, Chestnut had eaten even more than 72 in his practice run.

Hoda Kotb marveled over Sudo’s tiny size, especially given that she ate 41 hot dogs. “The buns are made pretty easy. Dunking [them] in warm Crystal Light, that’s my secret,” she revealed. “The meat, there’s no getting around that. There’s no shortcut to it.” Afterwards, “There’s no position in which I’m comfortable,” Sudo confessed. “I’m lying down, I’m in a hot bath, I’m standing, sitting. You just have to wait it out.”

She candidly added, “There really is no way to get around the discomfort after eating that many hot dogs.” And since he, according to him, “slowed down” during the competition, Chestnut insisted, “It gives me a reason to come back next year and really hit all my goals.” Sudo plans to return, too, saying, “It wouldn’t be Fourth of July without competing in Nathan’s.” Watch the video below!

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