Joey Bada$$: My Phone Was Tapped After Malia Obama Pro Era Shirt Photo Leak (VIDEO)

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Joey Badass Malia Obama Interview

By Shari Weiss |

Joey Badass Malia Obama Interview


Joey Bada$$ claims his phone has been tapped in the wake of a leaked photo showing Malia Obama wearing a Progressive Era shirt. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, a picture surfaced online earlier this month showing the 16-year-old First Daughter wearing a Pro Era tee promoting the hip-hop collective. Obama’s apparent fashion statement was first spotlighted by hip-hop outlet Masked Gorilla, which posted the picture on Instagram. The music group then sought to capitalize on the pic by re-posting the snapshot and writing, “Malia Obama rocking that classic Pro Era tee! Make sure you get your official Pro Era gear from”

Though President Obama is a well-known hip-hop fan, there was no indication that Pro Era knew about his daughter’s apparent endorsement before seeing the picture. The White House said it planned to launch an investigation into the photo’s source, and Joey Bada$$ suggested in a new “Sway in the Morning” radio interview that he’s among those being investigated.

“My phone is tapped at the moment, yeah. When you have the leader of the free world’s daughter wearing your shirts and all of that, I guess, you know, they start to investigate,” he told Sway. “They got my whole crib surrounded. I mean, I believe it. I don’t sleep. I hear the clicks on my phone.” The rapper went on to say, however, that he doesn’t have “beef” with the Obamas.

The admissions came after Sway asked Joey Bada$$ about the perception he’s a “gun-toting, gangster-rapping, Marxist, anti-white” person, a characterization the musician blamed on “click-baiting” media. Check out the full interview below, and tell us what you think.


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