Joe Manganiello Caught By Sofia Vergara “Flirting” With Nurse?

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joe manganiello flirting nurse

By Michael Lewittes |

joe manganiello flirting nurse

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Joe Manganiello caught by Sofia Vergara “flirting” with a nurse at the hospital where he had an appendectomy? That’s the claim by one of this week’s tabloid. Gossip Cop has the full story.

According to the repeatedly discredited National Enquirer, Vergara caught Manganiello “flirting” with one of his nurses, and when he said it was “not true,” the actress told him, “Don’t you dare lie to me, Joe… I saw you!” The tabloid then quotes one of its specious sources saying, “As Joe lay recovering from a burst appendix, Sofia dropped by unexpectedly one afternoon and claimed she’d seen him flirting outrageously with his hospital nurse.” The magazine’s questionable source adds, “[Manganiello] just lay there helpless as Sofia blew a fuse, accusing him of hitting on this very pretty nurse.”

The tabloid further alleges that the flirting accusations are symptomatic of larger issues between the Magic Mike star and Vergara. Its ill-informed or quite possibly made-up source is further quoted in terribly unnatural language saying the “Modern Family” actress’s “trust issues are driving him nuts,” and “if she keeps this up, the magic’s gonna go adios.”

Hilariously, just as the publication published this completely inaccurate story, Vergara shared a photo of herself and Managaniello on Instagram, looking like the picture of happiness. Regardless, Gossip Cop looked into the “flirting” and “trust issues” claims, and we’re exclusively told by a source close to the situation that the Enquirer’s story is “stupid” and “untrue.” Sadly, this isn’t the first time those words could apply to a story about Vergara in the supermarket tabloid.

Among the stupid and untrue stories from the magazine that Gossip Cop has busted in the past were that Vergara refused to see Magic Mike XXL and that she wanted the Pope to officiate her wedding to Manganiello. As Gossip Cop previously pointed out, Vergara was by Manganiello’s side for the Los Angeles premiere of the Magic Mike sequel, and she never approached the Vatican about having the Pope conduct their wedding.


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