Joe Jonas And Gigi Hadid Split

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Joe Jonas Split Gigi Hadid

By Shari Weiss |

Joe Jonas Split Gigi Hadid

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Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid have split.

The longtime friends embarked on a fast-paced romance in June, but the whirlwind relationship has now come to an end just a few months later. As Gossip Cop reported, Jonas and Hadid first sparked rumors after several sightings in the spring. Both were single after breakups with Blanda Eggenschwiler and Cody Simpson, respectively.

But while initial reports calling them a couple were false, by the summer Gossip Cop confirmed Hadid and Jonas were now “hooking up.” Things then seemed to get serious fairly quickly, with Hadid helping his brother Nick Jonas pull off a surprise birthday party. He was even recently seen spending time with her mom, Yolanda Foster.

A new wave of rumors popped up last month, with one ridiculous claiming Jonas and Hadid were planning to elope. Another said they were “on the rocks” due to his supposed partying. Gossip Cop correctly debunked both of those.

As it turns out, Jonas and Hadid haven’t now broken up over his alleged wild ways, but their demanding careers. As Gossip Cop recently reported, he’s heading out on tour with new band DNCE. And Hadid’s becoming more successful than ever in the world of modeling, just getting invited to participate in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Gossip Cop suspected something was up last weekend, when the twosome, normally always around each other, spent Halloween apart. Here’s hoping Jonas and Hadid stay friends. The split was first confirmed by People.


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