Joe Jonas And Gigi Hadid Still NOT Dating, Despite New Claims

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Joe Jonas Gigi Hadid

By Michael Lewittes |

Joe Jonas Gigi Hadid

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Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid are still NOT dating, despite a new and entirely speculative report. Gossip Cop was the first to exclusively bust the rumor, and we can assure you nothing has changed.

A number of ill-informed bloggers, most notably Perez Hilton, wondered on Thursday whether the two were “more than just friends” when they had lunch together in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Well, after they were later spotted at a pet adoption center, Perez went into overdrive, claiming in a second post that it now looks “suspicious,” and offering, “That’s a lot of face time for just friends!”

The blogger added, “It says something that Hadid would enlist Jonas” to help her possibly pick out a dog. Actually, it doesn’t. As Gossip Cop previously reported, Jonas and Hadid are simply longtime pals. And the singer is definitely NOT Hadid’s “rebound” after splitting with Cody Simpson, as Perez inaccurately reported.

In fact, there have been false reports about the two dating for more than a year, even though both Jonas and Hadid were dating other people at the time. Gossip Cop debunked the inaccurate stories back then, and continue to be right to this day. A rep for Jonas told Gossip Cop exclusively that the singer and Hadid are “just friends.” And that’s why they hang out together. Nothing has changed, much like Fidel Castro’s state has not changed ever since Perez repeatedly and wrongly reported more than a half decade ago that he was dead.

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Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid are dating.


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