Joe Giudice Has Cops Called On Him During Fight With New Jersey Neighbor

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Joe Giudice Fight Neighbor

By Michael Lewittes |

Joe Giudice Fight Neighbor

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Joe Giudice had the police called on him during a fight with a neighbor on Saturday at his Stafford, New Jersey beach house, Gossip Cop confirms. There’s a lot of he-said, she-said but we’re told Giudice got into an intense screaming match with a woman next door, who had the cops called on the reality star.

What’s not being disputed is that Giudice was yelling at his oldest daughter Gia at the house, prompting the neighbor to get involved. It apparently got so heated between the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star and the woman next door that the Stafford Police were dispatched to his home. When the cops arrived, they prevailed upon both parties to calm down. Giudice’s daughters also pleaded with the police not to arrest their dad. Ultimately, no one was taken away.

A rep for Giudice told TMZ that the argument began because the reality star was throwing a party that his next door neighbor felt his kids shouldn’t have been at. We’re told from the neighbor’s side that’s partially true, but she was also very concerned about how intensely Giudice was balling out his daughter Gia.

As of now, the matter is closed with the Stafford Police, but Gossip Cop will update should more issues flare up between Giudice and his beach house neighbor. The last thing Giudice needs is another issue with the law. As Gossip Cop previously reported, after his wife’s sentence is over in 2016, Giudice is set to enter prison, where he’ll serve 41 months behind bars for fraud.


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