Joe Biden ‘The View’ Video: Watch Interview

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Joe Biden The View Interview

By Andrew Shuster |

Joe Biden The View Interview


Vice President Joe Biden appeared on Friday’s “The View” to discuss being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and more. Watch the interview in the videos below!

As Gossip Cop reported on Thursday, President Obama surprised Biden with the award, the nation’s highest civilian honor. “First of all, I don’t think I did deserve that,” the vice president humbly told “The View” co-hosts on Friday’s show. “I’m being serious. But secondly, I had not the slightest idea.” Biden went on to explain that he “was told we were going to have a toast,” adding, “I thought the families were going to sit down and sort of reminisce about the last eight years.” But Biden noted that much to his shock, “I walk in and see everybody who’s been important in my life in the room.”

Biden continued, “I started to walk out and there were military lined up… Then when the guy came up with a medal, I thought, ‘Who the hell is this for?'” As for his close relationship with the president, Biden says, “He’s been extremely generous. He’s become a great friend… He and I have been through a lot.”

“Relationships are built based on trust,” continued Biden. “I got to watch this man make some astoundingly difficult decisions… He had to learn to trust me in the process, and I had to learn to trust him.” The vice president went on to say his friendship with Obama has “grown in a way that is real, but it’s born out of this notion of trust and a great deal of respect.” Biden concluded, “It’s been a great ride.” The vice president also went on to talk about Donald Trump’s administration and impending presidency, including the controversy involving Russia.

Biden went on to reveal that what “worries [him] most” about Trump is when the president-elect questions the competency of U.S. intelligence agencies. “The crown jewel of American security is our intelligence communities,” the vice president noted. “Everything we do, we rely upon those 16 different agencies, and to diss them and dismiss them, it really plays into Russia’s hand.” Watch videos from the interview below.

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