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A story claiming Joe Alwyn is "surprising" Taylor Swift with a "romantic dinner" to celebrate "SNL" and her album release was made up. This fake news was crafted just to exploit the interest in the singer's record and relationship. Gossip Cop can bust it.

Immediately it's clear that HollywoodLife is full of it when it asserts it has "EXCLUSIVE details" about these alleged plans. The webloid writes, "Word has it, Joe Alwyn is planning to surprise his rumored GF Taylor Swift with a romantic evening after she performs on 'SNL' this weekend!" After calling Swift the actor's "rumored GF," the site refers to Alwyn in the second paragraph as her "rumored fella." The outlet has an "exclusive" scoop on how he's planning to surprise Swift but doesn't know for sure if they're boyfriend and girlfriend? That makes no sense and is a clear indication that this article and its so-called "source close to Taylor" are manufactured.

That supposed snitch is quoted as saying, "Joe is planning to break away from filming his latest project to surprise Taylor with a romantic dinner at her favorite hotel in New York after her 'SNL' appearance." Tellingly, the publication never names the hotel or addresses why Swift would have a "favorite" one considering she stays at her own apartment when she's in New York City, not a hotel. The blog also doesn't acknowledge that the "Saturday Night Live" musical guests typically go to the show's after-party following the broadcast. It's also not said what "project" Alwyn would be ditching to pull this off.

And the other quotes from the purported "source" merely state what anyone would assume: Alwyn has heard the album, Swift has been rehearsing for "SNL," a tour is in the works. Those aren't exactly revelations. So the only thing HollywoodLies, as its known, really has to offer is this alleged post-"SNL" dinner plan, which has the red flags Gossip Cop pointed out above. Plus, if Alwyn really was planning to "surprise" Swift, why would a "source close to Taylor" be the one to spill such information, and why would anyone leak the plans to the press at all?

In addition, we must also mention that Gossip Cop has been assured time and again that "sources close to Taylor" don't deal with HollywoodLies. This was particularly evident over the summer when it falsely claimed Swift and Alwyn planned to go public with their relationship at her July Fourth party. In actuality, she never even had a party, and that "exclusive" was a total lie. That tale was also based on a suspicious "source." And while it's certainly possible Swift and Alwyn will spend time together this weekend, Gossip Cop is assured the site knows nothing about their actual plans.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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