Jodie Foster Confused For Helen Hunt At Nail Salon?

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jodie foster helen hunt

By Jesse Spero |

jodie foster helen  hunt

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Jodie Foster did not go off on a journalist for confusing her with Helen Hunt at a nail salon. Gossip Cop can bust this fabricated story. We’re told it was “made up” by a tabloid and “never happened.”

According to the repeatedly discredited National Enquirer, Foster supposedly had a run-in at an unnamed West Hollywood nail salon with a foreign reporter, who began heaping praise of the actress and director, including gushing about her being an Academy Award winner. The supermarket tabloid claims a source at the unnamed nail salon heard the journalist then allegedly tell Foster, “I just loved your old TV sitcom.”

When Foster reportedly “shot this ‘journalist’ a glare and barked that she’d never, ever starred on a sitcom,” the reporter allegedly told the actress, “Sure you did… that one with Paul Reiser,” referring ’90s sitcom “Mad About You.” The magazine’s seeming phony source adds that Foster replied, ” You’re confusing me with Helen Hunt!” If that weren’t absurd enough, the tabloid alleges Foster further slammed the seemingly concocted reporter when she supposedly added in unnatural language, “Even the part about me winning an Oscar is wrong. I’ve won two dammit!”

Here is what’s accurate in the Enquirer’s story: Jodie Foster has won two Oscars. Here is what’s inaccurate in the Enquirer’s story: Everything else. This whole tale about Foster being confused for Hunt in a nail salon is all fabricated. Gossip Cop would have called the alleged nail salon, but the tabloid conveniently didn’t mention its name, making it tougher for us to fact-check. Still, we reached out to a source close to Foster, an we’re told the alleged incident “never happened” and the magazine’s account is completely “made up.”


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