Joanna Gaines carved out an architectural empire with husband Chip Gaines and both became household names in the process. Gossip Cop’s top Gaines’ story of 2020 was about Joanna now pregnant with a sixth child. We investigated.

Birthday Girl

Earlier this year, In Touch claimed the Gaines’s were pregnant with baby number six. The two found out the gender on Joanna’s 42nd birthday, with a source calling the baby “the best present ever.” The news of the baby girl was shared with the rest of the kids, who were similarly overjoyed. The article concluded by saying “Chip and Jo never thought they’d be lucky enough to have six kids, let alone afford them all, but they’re blessed that they can. This is going to be the best year ever for the family.”

While this story talked so much about the supposed gender reveal, the tabloid had no hard evidence whatsoever. That didn't stop them from fabricating an intense amount of detail for what would be a private birthday party. The Gaines’s spokesperson spoke to Gossip Cop and rebuked the story, calling it “completely false” before adding “I would’ve gladly told [In Touch] that if they bothered to reach out for comment before running to print with fiction.”

Baby Myth Is Common

This was a recycled story, as this same tabloid said Chip and Joanna were expecting baby number six the previous October. Only a few months before that story came out, sister-magazine Life & Style, which shares an owner with the tabloid in question, claimed Joanna was pregnant at Christmas. If that weren’t enough proof, Joanna did not give birth in 2020, so this entire narrative is false.

Only a month after this pregnancy story, In Touch was at it again when it said the Magnolia Network had been delayed due to Joanna’s diva attitude. Another tabloid said the delay could be due to stress. The network launch was delayed a few months due to COVID-19, but its launch is now just around the corner.

Other tabloids have continued to run rampant with stories about Chip and Joanna Gaines. The National Enquirer claimed the two were fighting over the Fixer Upper reboot, and OK! ran an elaborate narrative about the two arguing over money. While they aren’t expecting a sixth child, Chip and Joanna Gaines are heading into 2021 with so much to look forward to and are as close as ever.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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