Chip and Joanna Gaines are not expecting a sixth baby, despite a false tabloid report. Gossip Cop has looked into the story and we can debunk it. It's simply fabricated.

The cover of In Touch is dedicated to the home improvement megastars with the headline "Chip & Joanna Gaines Baby #6 Announcement." Inside the magazine is a four-page spread covering the phony report. Of course, there aren't any facts in the story. Instead, it's filled with rumor, conjecture, and quotes from a dubious insider who appears to have no actual inside information, but still insists that Joanna is pregnant.

After the tabloid uses some quotes by Joanna pulled from previous interviews about her fifth child Crew, born last year, the publication quotes an anonymous source as saying, "[Joanna]'s been feeling nauseous and tired, her skin is glowing, and she's experiencing the same cheese sandwich and chicken spaghetti cravings." The unnamed source adds, "Chip's been doting on her more than usual, too, lately. I think it's only a matter of time before they make an announcement." This supposed insider even alleges Chip is "desperate" for another child.

This entire phony premise likely stems from an interview with Chip and Joanna on Sunday Today last week. The Gaines' talk about everything from the upcoming launch of their new TV network, Magnolia TV, to their impressive brood of five kids. In the interview, Chip spoke about the possibility of having more kids, but Joanna was less committed, joking that her husband always wants more kids, but she's not sure. So although the door is left open for the possibility of a sixth child, one thing is for certain, Joanna is NOT pregnant with that child now.

Rather than rely on questionable quotes from an anonymous source, Gossip Cop checked in with the Gaines' spokesperson, something the tabloid failed to do. We were told in no uncertain terms the story was "totally false." The rep, who's authorized to speak on the couple's behalf, tells us, "There is absolutely zero truth to that rumor. And had someone from In Touch attempted to reach out for confirmation or comment in the first place, I would've told them the same thing."

This isn't the first time In Touch has been wrong in its reporting about the former Fixer Upper stars. Last November, the tabloid asserted that fellow renovation guru Christina El Moussa was at war with Joanna over the announcement that the Gaines were launching their own network. According to that bogus report, El Moussa was angry with Joanna for "upstaging her" and felt "outshined." Gossip Cop busted that report when El Moussa's rep pointed us towards the TV star's own Instagram post denying the publication's false report. This latest story about the Gaines' expanding their family again is more fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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