J.K. Rowling “Vindicated” After Daily Mail Libel Appeal Thrown Out – STATEMENT

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J.K. Rowling Daily Mail Libel Appeal

By Shari Weiss |

J.K. Rowling Daily Mail Libel Appeal

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J.K. Rowling says she feels “vindicated” after an appeal in her libel case against the Daily Mail and publisher Associated Newspapers was thrown out.

The Harry Potter had sued the British tabloid after it ran a 2013 story called “How J.K. Rowling’s Sob Story About Her Past as a Single Mother Has Left the Churchgoers Who Cared for Her Upset and Bewildered.” The article had misrepresented an essay Rowling had written, and accused her of lying about her experiences, leading her to file a lawsuit. The Daily Mail issued a formal apology last year and paid damages to a charity, but had filed an appeal over Rowling’s request to have a “unilateral statement” about the settlement read in court.

The appeal, however, was dismissed last week, and Rowling got her wish on Thursday. A solicitor not only detailed the Daily Mail’s wrongdoings, and explained the novelist’s innocence, but also read aloud: “In these circumstances and this statement having been read out in court, [Rowling] now considers that she has been fully vindicated, her reputation has been restored and accordingly is happy to bring these proceedings to a close.”

On the same day Rowling got her big court win, she also got quite the surprise online. As Gossip Cop reported, the famed author was stunned and disturbed to see pictures of Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis in his underwear for Attitude magazine posted online.


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