Jimmy Kimmel Did NOT “Warn” Justin Theroux To “Stop Hurting” Jennifer Aniston

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Jimmy Kimmel Warn Justin Theroux.

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Kimmel Warn Justin Theroux.

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Jimmy Kimmel did not “warn” Justin Theroux to “stop hurting” Jennifer Aniston. Gossip Cop can bust this utterly untrue report. As we’ve already reported, we’re told Theroux and Aniston are not having marriage problems, but even if they are there’d be no need for Kimmel to get involved in a non-existent issue.

But RadarOnline is blaring in a headline on Monday, “Kimmel Cracks The Whip! Jimmy Warns Justin: Stop Hurting Jen.” The story claims that as Aniston and Theroux “aim to turn around their troubled marriage,” her “old Hollywood pal Jimmy Kimmel has stepped in to help.” A so-called “snitch” is quoted as saying, “Jimmy loves Justin, but that’s because he made Jen happy.” The site’s supposed source claims Kimmel is “only friends” with Theroux provided “he keeps doing that.”

And, if Theroux “blows it with Jen,” alleges the purported tipster, “he’s going to be on Jimmy’s personal [expletive] list.” The questionable insider goes on to explain to the outlet, “This isn’t a case of Jimmy trying to play marriage counselor and get these two back together.” Rather, the specious “snitch” maintains, “It’s about Jimmy being very clear to Jen that he’s got her back no matter what happens with Justin.”

Gossip Cop already busted the online publication last month when it falsely claimed the couple was on a “desperate trip to save their marriage.” In actuality, Aniston and Theroux were simply on their annual New Year’s vacation. And after we confirmed that their union was in tact, People backed up our reporting, with a source saying of Aniston, “Her life with Justin is great.” Which means Theroux isn’t “hurting” her and this tale about Kimmel warning him to stop is completely bogus.

The late night host is very close to the couple, with Kimmel even officiating their 2015 wedding and joining the newlyweds on their group honeymoon. But he isn’t meddling in their relationship, Gossip Cop is told. It’s also important to remember the website has a history of peddling false stories about Aniston, such as one in 2016 that insisted she was pregnant. The blog has even tried to involve Kimmel before, claiming last summer that he was trying to arrange a TV reunion for Aniston and Brad Pitt. Of course, there was no pregnancy, no reunion and now no warning to Theroux. Update: While Aniston and Theroux ultimately decided in February 2018 to split, like many Hollywood couples do, Kimmel did not insinuate himself into their personal issues.

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Jimmy Kimmel warned Justin Theroux to stop hurting Jennifer Aniston.

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