Jimmy Kimmel And Matt Damon Attend Therapy – Watch Counseling Session Video

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Matt Damon Therapy Jimmy Kimmel counseling

By Michael Lewittes |

Matt Damon Therapy Jimmy Kimmel counseling


Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon went to a therapy session on the talk show host’s Monday night program to work out their longstanding problems. With the help of Dr. Kim Canter Burger, a psychologist, the two men discussed in counseling what their issues are with one another. Watch the video below.

Dr. Burger first met with Kimmel and asked him what he felt about meeting with Damon. Kimmel said he was “anxious” and “nervous,” but “hopeful” they could resolve their differences. And with that, Damon joined Kimmel in therapy. The actor noted his main issue was that the talk show has “promised over a decade that I was going to be a guest on the show,” but instead he comes to the program and sits in a room, waiting every night to be called onstage, and Kimmel runs out of time for him.

Kimmel maintained to the therapist that he “tried to get [Damon] on the show,” but it’s only an hourlong program. When Dr. Burger asked if he understands Damon’s point of view, Kimmel said he felt the actor thinks “the world revolves around him,” and that he’s the “only celebrity in California.” And when the doctor asked the talk show host what it might feel like to be Damon, Kimmel guessed that it must “suck to be him.” He added it’s probably even tougher since he “doesn’t have a movie star face or body.”

For his part, Damon expressed that he felt Kimmel was “verbally abusive.” He also said how disappointed he was that he bought a zoo for the both of them and Kimmel “didn’t even give it a chance… You never even saw it.”

Kimmel reiterated, “I’m doing my best to get him on the show.” Damon, who acknowledged that he now lives in a window-less dressing room in the basement of Kimmel’s studio, jabbed that the one time he hosted the show, “I busted the ratings wide open.” As Gossip Cop previously reported, in 2013, Damon hijacked Kimmel’s show, tying up and gagging the host while he took over a celebrity-packed broadcast that included Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, Reese Witherspoon, and Robin Williams, among many others.

About that night, Kimmel said he was “kidnapped” and “terrified,” to which Damon explained, except for the duct tape, that’s how he’s felt for 12 years as he’s tried to get on the show every night.

The doctor then asked both men to say something nice about one another. Kimmel offered, “I like some of his friends,” notably Ben Affleck. Damon said, “I like his show,” and wouldn’t have waited for 12 years to get on it, if he didn’t.

Dr. Burger then wanted Damon and Kimmel to make a commitment to each other. The talk show host said he would try to get Damon on the his program “just not tonight because counseling has gone on a long time.” And Damon committed to watiing “another 12 years” to be on his show.

The two men then hugged, though that didn’t work out too well either. Check out the video below of Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel in a counseling session, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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