Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Sean Spicer For Suggesting Five-Year-Old Boy Poses Security Threat (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Muslim Ban

By Holly Nicol |

Jimmy Kimmel Muslim Ban


Jimmy Kimmel discussed President Donald Trump’s executive action on immigration on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and blasted White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for suggesting a five-year-old boy could pose a security threat to the country after he was detained at a U.S. airport. Check out the video below!

After Trump signed a temporary executive action order on Friday barring citizens from seven predominately Muslim countries from entering the United States, Kimmel discussed how the ban was met with protests and demonstrations in almost every major city in the country. “People went to the airport to protest, and that’s when you know people are mad. It’s Sunday, they have no travel plans, and they go to the airport,” joked Kimmel.

Kimmel, however, went on to discuss how one five-year-old boy in particular was stopped from entering the country. “Travellers from the seven restricted countries, most of them got on a plane and had no idea they would be stopped or detained by immigration, including a five-year-old boy who was detained for hours while his mother, who was born in Iran, waited for him at the gate,” said Kimmel.

The talk show host then related how Spicer had the “unenviable job” of explaining how detaining a five-year-old boy helps to keep the country safe. Spicer responded to a question about it at a press conference by contending that irrespective of someone’s age or gender, or whether or not they’re with their parents, to assume that any individual doesn’t potentially pose a security threat would be “misguided and wrong.” Kimmel responded, yelling, “Unless they’re five years old! What are they gonna do?!” Check out the clip below!

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