Jimmy Kimmel Reads Viewer Complaints About Inviting Presidential Candidates On Show (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Presidential Candidates

By Andrew Shuster |

Jimmy Kimmel read a handful of complaints on Wednesday night from angry viewers who have taken umbrage with him inviting the four leading presidential candidates to be guests on his show. Watch the video below!

“Every time we have a politician on the show, I got so much angry feedback on social media,” Kimmel explained prior to his interview with Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. The late night host has now had the two key candidates from each party on his show, including Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Kimmel then proceeded to read some Facebook messages he’s received from irate fans.

One viewer said about Clinton, “Boo to the person who made the decision to have HER on your show!” Another person wrote, “Won’t be watching you tonight, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ I can’t stand Hillary; can’t wait until she goes to jail.” About Trump, a former fan expressed, “Turned on Kimmel tonight, like I do every other night. Saw that Trump was on. Will be my last time watching… How could you sink so low?” Meanwhile, another watcher, noting that Kimmel’s sidekick is Mexican, asked following Trump’s appearance, “Why would you disrespect Guillermo in such a terrible way?”

Kimmel also read the heated messages he was sent after Sanders’ appearance, one of which stated, “Kimmel, you communist suck-up!” Another “fan” wrote, “The finance system is corrupt but not as corrupt” as Kimmel’s “turd show.” The host noted there were bound to be plenty of additional furious Facebook messages on the heels of Cruz’s appearance.

“If half of everyone hates me when a Republican is on, and half of everyone hates me when we have a Democrat on, it adds up to everyone hates me,” Kimmel said. The talk show host, however, felt justified with his presidential candidate bookings. “To me, in order to decide who we should vote for, I think it’s a good idea to listen to what all the main people running have to say,” he argued. Check out the funny video below!


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