Jimmy Kimmel Oscars Special Features ‘Producers’-Themed Donald Trump Musical (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Live Oscars Special Producers Donald Trump

By Andrew Shuster |

Jimmy Kimmel Live Oscars Special Producers Donald Trump


The 2016 “Jimmy Kimmel Live: After The Oscars” special featured a hilarious spoof of The Producers, in which Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane put on the mock musical Trumped, inspired by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Watch the funny video below!

The film and subsequent musical, The Producers, tells the story of two Broadway producers who concoct a scheme to make money by purposely making a terrible show that’s destined to flop. The plan, however, backfires when the show becomes a hit. In Trumped, Broderick and Lane reprise their characters from the original musical and it’s revealed that they’re political consultants behind Trump’s presidential campaign. The two realize that it “might be possible for us to make more money from a losing candidate than from a winner,” but of course, the strategy fails when Trump starts leading in the polls.

One of the spoof’s musical sequences takes place at a rally for the GOP frontrunner with backup dancers wearing Trump masks. Lane and Broderick then sing such lyrics as “He’s building a wall/ A thousand feet tall/ Don’t worry cuz the Mexicans will pay for it all!” There’s even a great cameo by Cloris Leachman. Watch Trump get lampooned by The Producers in the funny segment below from “Jimmy Kimmel Live’s” 2016 Oscars special.


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