Jimmy Kimmel Talks Hosting Oscars (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Live Monologue Oscars Best Picture

By Andrew Shuster |

Jimmy Kimmel spoke about hosting the 2017 Oscars on Monday night’s episode of his talk show. Watch the video below!

Of course, Kimmel addressed the most controversial moment of the evening when La La Land was wrongly announced as the Best Picture winner over Moonlight. He began, “I don’t know if you know this, but I hosted the Oscars last night… Except for the end, it was a lot of fun.” He noted the show was “chugging along and then, all of a sudden out of nowhere, it turned into one of those Maury Povich paternity test show.” “It was the weirdest TV finale since ‘Lost,'” he added.

Kimmel then recounted how La La Land was “simultaneously somehow the biggest winner and loser last night.” “You know it’s a strange night when the word ‘envelope’ is trending on Twitter,” he continued. The talk show host then recapped it all by saying, “In case you missed it, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway… It was the 50th anniversary of Bonnie and Clyde… They played Bonnie and Clyde, so the Academy asked them to present Best Picture.”

“It’s the biggest award of the night. It’s the last one they give out,” said Kimmel, who then showed a clip of what happened. The comedian pointed out that Beatty was “confused so he handed [the envelope] to Faye and let her read the winner. In other words, Clyde threw Bonnie under the bus.” He went on, “So Faye Dunaway announces La La Land as Best Picture, which made sense. It was the favorite to win.”

Kimmel recalled how the La La Land producers got up on stage and gave speeches. By then, he said, “I am sitting in the audience watching the speeches. The plan is for me to end the show from the audience in a seat next to Matt Damon, who make no mistake… Whatever confusion there was about who won? Matt Damon lost… He is a loser.” The talk show host recounted that after some commotion, Damon said, “I think I heard the stage manager say they got the winner wrong.” “You figure, well the host will go onstage and clear this up,” said Kimmel, adding, “And then I remember, ‘Oh, I’m the host.'”

The Oscars host then showed another clip that featured all the confusion, along with Beatty trying to explain what happened and how Moonlight was actually the winner of Best Picture. “I’m trying really hard not to laugh,” admitted Kimmel. He noted, “People started to speculate that maybe I was pulling a prank… If I had pulled a prank in that situation, I wouldn’t have just had the wrong winner’s name in the envelope when they opened it. There would have been a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon inside.” “It was not a prank,” Kimmel assured the audience during his monologue.

After stating that the producers of La La Land were “very gracious, which they did not have to be,” Kimmel discussed how he went backstage and Beatty told him he was handed the Best Actress card that said Emma Stone’s name and La La Land. And while Stone later told the media that Beatty’s story was fishy because she had the card that said she won, Kimmel explained, “For whatever reason, they have two of each envelope… just to make it more confusing.” He ended by relating, “The accountants gave Warren the wrong card, and they apologized for it today. So, it wasn’t Warren Beatty’s fault. And Faye Dunaway… She made quite a getaway. She read the wrong name and split. She got the hell out of there.”

Kimmel also shared that during a rehearsal earlier in the day, “A huge part of the set collapsed.” “Two giant structures… came crashing down,” he added. Kimmel said, “A lot of people thought a bomb went off… Someone could easily have been crushed… So the envelope thing was a distant second in the disaster category.” Kimmel cracked, “Fortunately, no one was hurt. I could have been the first person in history to both host and appear in the In Memoriam montage in the same show.”

And on the topic of the In Memoriam at the Oscars, as Gossip Cop noted, there was a mixup there as well. Kimmel related that even though a woman named Janet Patterson had passed away, there was a picture of “another producer named Jan Chapman, who is very much alive.” “Seeing yourself in an In Memoriam is probably one of the most surprising ways to find out you died,” he cracked.

Kimmel went on to joke about his longtime “feud” with Matt Damon, who he repeatedly mocked during the awards ceremony. Watch Kimmel discuss hosting the Oscars in the video below!

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