WATCH: ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ “Half and Half Halloween Costume Pageant” 2015 Video!

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Jimmy Kimmel Live Halloween costumes

By Michael Lewittes |

Jimmy Kimmel Live Halloween costumes


Jimmy Kimmel Live” held his annual “Half And Half Halloween Costume Pageant” on Thursday, and a number of celebrities, including Donald Trump and Bill Cosby, were mocked. The premise is simple: Kimmel took half of one costume and mashed it with half of another costume, leading to such creations as “EmoJesus,” “Trumpty Dumpty,” “Pill Cosby,” and “The Walking Bed.” Watch the video below.

The first mashup halloween costume the audience had to guess combined an emoji head atop of a man in a white robe for “EmoJesus.” Next, a guy came out in a Fred Flintstone outfit with dreadlocks and holding a bong. An audience member guessed “Fred Flintstone,” which was pretty good, but the actual answer was “Dread Flintstone.” After that came out a huge Humtpy Dumpty with Donald Trump’s face, which the audience figured out was “Trumpty Dumpty.”

The Godzilla monster was next to come onstage, with the words “silly string” emblazoned across the front of its chest. That half-and-half combination created “Godzilly String.” Next up was a cobwebbed-looking mattress with an ax in it. An audience member was 100 percent correct to guess “The Walking Bed.” Following that was a pill on top of a guy in a Bill Cosby sweater, which naturally was “Pill Cosby.” And finally, Wilmer Valderrama came out with the hind quarters of a llama for the mashup of “Wilmer Valder-llama.”

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