Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids About Presidential Election, Donald Trump Mistaken For George Clooney (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Kids Election Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Kimmel Kids Election Video


Jimmy Kimmel held an “out of focus group” for the 2016 election on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” grilling four kids about the candidates running for president. Check out the funny video below!

The host explained that he wanted to speak to a group rarely heard from, because “kids have opinions on politics, too.” Kimmel began by asking the children if they knew who was running for president, to which one girl replied, “A lady!” But shown a picture of Hillary Clinton, another girl thought she was Martha Washington. Kimmel shared the correct answer, and Clinton was deemed an “old lady” around 91 years old.

Kimmel moved on to a photo of Donald Trump, who one girl said was George Clooney, and then a picture of Chris Christie, who the same girl said was Barack Obama. But she gave the same answer for a snapshot of Ben Carson. The answers became more and more priceless, with another child saying of Bernie Sanders, “I don’t want him to become president because he looks very old and like this year he’s gonna die.”

The kids pledged to vote for president “tomorrow,” and Kimmel told the camera, “Remember, folks. Children are our future.” Watch the hilarity unfold below!


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