Jimmy Kimmel Hologram Video 2016: Watch CMA Awards Special With Hunter Hayes

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Jimmy Kimmel Hologram Video 2016

By Andrew Shuster |

Jimmy Kimmel Hologram Video 2016


Jimmy Kimmel’s hologram performed a monologue in Nashville following the 2016 CMA Awards on Wednesday. Watch video of the talk show host’s annual “After The CMA Awards” special below!

The TV personality himself actually filmed “Jimmy Kimmel Live” from his studio in Hollywood, but through the power of technology, Kimmel’s hologram was projected in Nashville’s CMA Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame. That made it appear to audience members there like he was actually on stage right in front of them. Kimmel noted this is his biggest special effects show of the year, and had a Nashville attendee come on stage to converse with him.

Hilariously, Kimmel tried to feed her “the world’s first-ever hologram cracker.” The host then went on to pitch himself as vice president to the people of Nashville using information he found on Wikipedia. Kimmel then spoke about the World Series, (wrongly) predicting Game Seven would be over by the time his program aired.

After a commercial break, Kimmel drew his attention to the CMAs, saying, “You know, country music is very important. After this election, it might be the only country we have left. It was a special show tonight, celebrating 50 years of CMAs. Dolly Parton received the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award, which is literally the highest honor you can display on a shelf alongside a bong.”

“There there was a special performance tonight from Beyonce on the country music awards, which is exciting,” he went on. “And I’ll say another thing: Between Lemonade, the World Series and ‘The Walking Dead,’ it’s been an amazing year for baseball bats, just in general.”

Kimmel joked that Beyonce sang her country song “You Should’ve Put A Ring Of Fire On It.” After, he debuted the second-ever “country music edition” of “Mean Tweets” (see below). Later in the show, Hunter Hayes embraced the hologram technology to perform… with himself. There were five versions of the singer on stage, all playing a different instrument. And through the nifty technology, it appeared as if he was both on the Nashville set and in Kimmel’s Los Angeles studio.

As Gossip Cop reported, Kimmel has performed a hologram monologue following the CMAs for the past two years. In 2014, he even interviewed Kacey Musgraves on stage without actually being in the same room as the country singer. Then, in 2015, Kimmel used the technology to perform juggling tricks and make it appear as if his sidekick Guillermo was nothing more than a floating head. Later, The Band Perry was beamed in from Nashville to L.A. to make it look as if they were performing on Kimmel’s outdoor stage.

Gossip Cop will have video of Kimmel’s new hologram monologue, as well as Hayes’ performance, from the 2016 “After The CMA Awards” special shortly. Check back soon! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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