Jimmy Kimmel Asked People How Hillary Clinton Did In Debate Before It Happened (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Hillary Clinton Debate Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Kimmel Hillary Clinton Debate Video


Jimmy Kimmel Live” asked pedestrians how Hillary Clinton did in the Democratic debate… before it took place. Watch below.

For Tuesday’s edition of “Lie Witness News,” Kimmel explained, “We asked people how they thought Hillary Clinton did in the debate last night. Of course, the debate is tonight, it was not last night, and this is the fist debate Hillary has been a part of. But did that stop pedestrians from weighing in on her performance?”

Of course not! In fact, the first person in the segment, a youthful male, deemed Clinton “mediocre” and “lost.” When one woman was asked about Clinton (supposedly) calling Bernie Sanders “old man,” she explained the former First Lady was simply try to get in “jabs” and it was “fair play.” Another even had the gall to say Clinton was “winging it” and making things up as she went along, and denied that she herself would ever lie about politics.

“People lie as far as they think they can get away with so that they don’t get caught in it, rather than having the ethical standpoint of, ‘I’m just not gonna lie about stuff,'” continued the pedestrian (see photo above). The irony led Kimmel to declare, “I think we have an all-time winner! I think we can stop doing this now!” Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.


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