Jimmy Kimmel Talks Hosting 2017 Oscars On “GMA” (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Good Morning America Oscars

By Holly Nicol |

Jimmy Kimmel Good Morning America Oscars


Jimmy Kimmel appeared on Wednesday’s “Good Morning America,” where he discussed hosting this year’s Oscars. Check out the video below!

Even though Kimmel previously hosted the ESPYs, the Emmys twice and the EMAs five times, the star discussed how he is preparing for the Oscars gig slightly differently during an exclusive one-on-one interview on the morning show. “You think it would be basically the same, walk on the stage, tell some jokes. But people keep reminding you that it’s the Oscars, and that there are three times as many people watching,” Kimmel said. “Eventually it starts to become this cloud that surrounds you, I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes. My blood pressure is through the roof.”

Kimmel then went on to talk about how he is studying past Oscar hosts in preparation for the gig. “I’ve watched all of them. Ellen did a phenomenal job. Billy Crystal is the gold standard,” he noted. “Everyone did at least a good job, and some of them did great jobs, and that actually makes it worse for me. What I would have loved, is if the last 14 Oscar hosts in a row had bombed miserably. That’s my dream.”

Kimmel also spoke about his longtime semi-serious rival Matt Damon, and revealed whether or not the actor will be making an onstage appearance during the event. “Unfortunately, we will see Matt Damon. He’s my arch enemy, if the Joker and the Batman were face-to-face, there would be some kind of a standoff, and I imagine it will be the same for this,” the star joked. Kimmel then jokingly confessed to hoping Damon, the producer of the Oscar-nominated Manchester By The Sea, loses out at the ceremony. “I would like him to go home with nothing,” Kimmel quipped. Check out the video below!

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