Jimmy Kimmel: “What Does This Emoji Mean?” – WATCH VIDEO

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By Jesse Spero |

Jimmy Kimmel hit the streets of Hollywood and found people have vastly different opinions about what emojis mean. The talk show host had pedestrians explain various emojis that have sexual connotations. Watch the video below!

Before presenting the footage, Kimmel said, “There was a new study done at the University of Minnesota, where they found people often have very different interpretations of what emojis mean. The study found that 25 percent of the time people did not agree on whether an emoji was positive, neutral or negative. In other words, the universal language, they call emojis the universal language, isn’t really universal.” The talk show host added, “I have to say it surprised me at first, but then we conducted our own experiment today.”

Kimmel then noted his staff came up with a segment called “What Does This Emoji Mean?” and explained that they showed people on the street a variety of emojis, including a eggplant, peach and taco in order “to see what each one of those meant to each person.” The eggplant emoji appeared to be almost universally recognized by people on the street to represent a penis. The peach was quickly recognized as referring to one’s behind. And the taco emoji had people thinking it meant “taco Tuesday” and “vagina.” The segment got the most raunchy when people were asked what to meant when a pointing finger emoji was paired with an emoji of the index finger and thumb making “OK” sign. Check out the video below of Jimmy Kimmel’s “What Does This Emoji Mean?”segment.


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