Jimmy Kimmel Emmys Monologue Video 2016: Watch Emmy Awards Opening!

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Jimmy Kimmel emmys Monologue Video 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Kimmel emmys Monologue Video 2016


Jimmy Kimmel opened Sunday’s 2016 Emmys with a hilarious monologue. Watch below!

The ceremony kicked off with a pre-taped parody of O.J. Simpson’s infamous Bronco chase, but with Kimmel in the van. He then ended up hitching a ride with the “Modern Family” gang, but a car crash led him to be a passenger with James Corden. Kimmel wasn’t too into “Carpool Karaoke,” until it segued into a 1980s music video.

Kimmel next hopped into the “Veep” limo, only to find Jeb Bush, of all people, driving. Still trying to find his way to the Emmys, the comedian prayed to Oprah. But it was Khaleesi and one of her dragons who saved the day, and Kimmel made it on stage unscathed.

He promptly ran to hand an Emmy to Jeffrey Tambor, and then cracked, “That saved us 22 minutes. What else? If your show doesn’t have a dragon or a white Bronco in it, go home now.” More Simpson jokes followed, with shout-outs to Sarah Paulson, Marcia Clarke, John Travolta, and Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Kimmel then commented that TV has the ability to make us “laugh or cry, or during certain moments of ‘Game of Thrones,’ masturbate.” He went on, however, to point out that TV isn’t always a good thing. “If it wasn’t for television, would Donald Trump be running for president?” he asked, going on to blame reality producer Mark Burnett for leading us to this point.

Kimmel then said things would be done “differently” this year, noting “you must be present to win.” Not there, the runner-up gets the award, he joked, blaming Maggie Smith after years of no-shows. From there, he asked, “Are we ready to make the Emmys great again?”

As Gossip Cop reported, it was announced in March that Kimmel would host the 68th annual Emmy Awards. This is his second time emceeing the event. The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host was previously at the helm for the 64th edition back in 2012.

Kimmel has been gearing up for this year’s gig for months, and has even spent the last few days tweeting sneak peeks at his preparations. Twitter also created a special emoji amusingly depicting his cartoon likeness. It appears any time a user tweets the hashtag “#Emmys.”

And in addition to hosting, Kimmel is also a nominee. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” is one of the contenders for Outstanding Variety Talk Series. The program was also nominated last year as well. Watch full video of Kimmel’s Emmys opening monologue below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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