Jimmy Kimmel Compares Donald Trump’s Pick For Supreme Court Vacancy To “Celebrity Apprentice” (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Donald Trump Supreme Court

By Holly Nicol |

Jimmy Kimmel Donald Trump Supreme Court


Jimmy Kimmel discussed President Donald Trump’s pick for the vacancy on the Supreme Court on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” comparing Trump’s live address of the announcement to a reality TV show. Check out the video below!

In a live broadcast from the White House on Tuesday, two days earlier than expected, Trump officially announced judge Neil Gorsuch as his pick for the vacancy on the supreme court bench. Kimmel, however, compared the style and timing of his live address to that of a reality TV show. “This is the first time a supreme court nomination has ever interrupted an episode of NCIS, so this is big,” Kimmel joked.

Kimmel went on to explain how the White House brought Trump’s final two picks for the vacancy to find out who secured the nomination on live television, in what can only be assumed as an effort to build suspense for viewers. “That’s right, he freakin’ Ryan Seacrest’ed his choice for the supreme court. It’s like a 2 on 1 date on ‘The Bachelor,'” Kimmel said. The talk show host then revealed a hilarious clip from the “Celebrity Apprentice,” in which Kimmel unveiled the so-called moment of truth when Trump chose “America’s Next Top Supreme Court Justice.”

During the clip, Trump can be seen firing various contestants from an episode of the “Celebrity Apprentice,” including Meatloaf and rapper Lil Jon. Kimmel, however, hilariously doctored the video to include Gorsuch in the line-up of celebrity contestants. “Judge Neil Gorsuch, you’re very talented, you’re very unique, you’re an amazing guy, you’re hired,” Trump said. Following the clip, Kimmel joked, “Congratulations to Neil Gorsuch, you’re going to Hollywood!” Check out the full video below!

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