Jimmy Kimmel Gets CVS Receipts To Go Digital (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel CVS Receipts Digital

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Kimmel CVS Receipts Digital


Jimmy Kimmel’s long battle against overly-long CVS receipts finally came to an end on Friday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Watch below!

As longtime watchers know, one of Kimmel’s biggest pet peeves is the extraordinarily lengthy receipts customers receive at CVS, even when simply purchasing a candy bar. Over the years, Kimmel has had viewers send in their own ridiculously long receipts, and he even was able to turn a collective bunch into outfits for a fashion show. And at another point, he actually complained to President Obama about what he saw as an unnecessary waste of paper.

Most recently, when Kimmel announced earlier this month that he’s (fake) running for vice president of the United States, one of his campaign goals was to solve the CVS receipt problem. Now, as revealed on Friday’s show, he actually followed through on that promise. The late-night host was joined by CVS president Helena Foulkes to reveal the solution.

“I have a major announcement to make,” Kimmel said from behind a podium. “My fellow Americans, though I have only officially been running for vice president for eight days, those who know me know I’ve been fighting for common sense issues for my entire adult life. And at the top of my list, my number one issue, is this.”

Kimmel then held up one of the classic CVS receipts. “I don’t know about you, but I want to live in a United States where the receipt you get for one roll of toilet paper is shorter than the actual roll of toilet paper,” he explained.

Foulkes then came out on stage and said, “Well, thanks to you Jimmy, we know that our customers were very concerned about the length of our receipts. They were too long. And while we’re always worried about the concerns of our customers, when you announced your candidacy for vice president, we took those concerns even more seriously.”

The CVS executive then shared the news that the receipts are going paper-less and will be available digitally for ExtraCare reward card members. People can simply sign up once beginning next month, and “you’ll never receive a paper receipt from us again,” Foulkes stated. All of the more than 7,000 CVS locations will be participating in the new program.

Kimmel celebrated the news by ripping up the receipt he was holding and declaring, “That’s the kind of results I get! Before a single vote has even been counted, I am doing things. You’re welcome, America!”

Check out all the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” receipts videos, including this new one, below! NOTE: The videos are no longer available.


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