Jimmy Kimmel Makes Bruce Jenner Jokes At ABC Upfront Presentation

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jimmy kimmel abc upfront jokes

By James Crugnale |

jimmy kimmel abc upfront jokes

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Jimmy Kimmel hosted ABC’s Upfront presentation on Tuesday at Lincoln Center in New York City, and cracked jokes about Bruce Jenner, who opened up about his transition to becoming a woman on ABC. “We’ve got people of color, we’ve got women, we’ve got men who are turning into women,” said Kimmel, adding, “We are committed to diversity at every level of our organization. Except ‘The Bachelor,’ we’re going to keep that one white.”

Kimmel went on to say television was in need of more transgender people. “I say, forget more ‘Bachelorettes.’ We need more Bruce Jenners,” cracked the late-night talk show host. He continued, “That Bruce Jenner interview was huge for us, 17 million people tuned into watch his chat with Diane Sawyer, and that’s why we’re making this solemn promise to you, our sponsors: Starting this fall, someone on ABC will change genders every week.”

Of course, this was far from the first time that Kimmel has made a number of Bruce Jenner jokes. On the Monday following Jenner’s interview with Sawyer, while James Corden praised the former Olympian during his monologue, David Letterman made no jokes at all about him, and Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien limited their remarks to one joke each about Jenner. Kimmel, however, unleashed one Bruce Jenner joke after another that night.

What do you think of Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes about Bruce Jenner at the ABC Upfront presentation?


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