Jimmy Fallon Airs Video Of Young Ryan Seacrest Lip Syncing Bon Jovi – WATCH!

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Jimmy Fallon Ryan Seacrest

By Michael Lewittes |


Jimmy Fallon showed some hilariously embarrassing footage on Thursday’s “Tonight Show” of Ryan Seacrest as a kid, lip-syncing a Bon Jovi song. See the video below.

Seacrest was a guest on the late-night talk show, and was asked by Fallon, “Have you ever wanted to be a singer or a performer?” The “American Idol” host said, “I thought about is as a kid, and then I realized I was not that good at it.” Seacrest then noted how he loved Bon Jovi, and “as a kid I would perform different songs from the Slippery When Wet album and actually dressed up in my Mongoose biker gloves [and] acid-washed denim jacket” to do performances in his childhood bedroom in Atlanta.

Seacrest further revealed that his sister would set up a camera on a tripod in his room for his little shows. “It was like Ryan Seacrest Productions,” joked the TV producer and on-camera personality. The “Tonight Show” host then asked, “Your sister, Meredith?” to which Seacrest replied, “Yeah.” “Isn’t it weird that I knew her name,” followed up Fallon. After Seacrest acknowledged it was “weird,” a giddy Fallon explained, “That’s because we talked to your sister… and she has the videotape.”

Knowing full well that Fallon was next going to air the video, Seacrest warned, “This is not going to be safe,” adding he was 9 or 10 at the time and “chubby.” The footage showed a very young (and yes, chubby) Seacrest lip-syncing the Bon Jovi song, “I’d Die For You,” complete with the youngster jumping and spinning around as he mock sang the tune.

After the video aired, Seacrest joked, “I realized, at that point, I should host ‘American Idol,’ not audition for it.” Check out the video below from Thursday’s “Tonight Show” of a young Ryan Seacrest dancing as he lip syncs Bon Jovi’s “I’d Die For You.”


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