Jimmy Fallon Drinks Goat Meat Tea On “Tonight Show” – WATCH VIDEO

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Jimmy Fallon Tea Tonight Show Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Fallon Tea Tonight Show Video


Jimmy Fallon drank tea with goat meat, ghost peppers and more bizarre foods and even non-foods on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Watch the crazy video below!

Fallon’s week-ending episode featured Rhett and Link of “Good Mythical Morning.” The duo’s most popular bit is called “Will It?” It involves trying out random combinations of things to see if they will, or won’t, go together.

And in this case, the question was “Will It Tea?” The three men added random things to hot water to find out if it would make a successful tea… or not. The experiment started oddly, but simply, with taco seasoning. After taking a sip, though, there wasn’t much agreement on whether that one worked.

Next came a typically non-edible item: Deodorant. After seeping a bagfull in hot water and giving Fallon his own custom “barf bucket,” the guys drank the “teaodorant.” The host exclaimed afterward, “I didn’t spit that out, but I was really close to it. That is terrible.”

But after that, it was time for the goat meat, and Fallon picked up the aforementioned bucket. For the goat tea, the trio all put on fake goatees and drank up. Much to everyone’s surprise, the mixture went over well. The same, however, could not be same for the ghost pepper tea. Check out the full video below to see what happened!


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