Jimmy Fallon Plays “Virtual Reality Pictionary” On “The Tonight Show” (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Fallon Virtual Reality Pictionary

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Fallon Virtual Reality Pictionary


Jimmy Fallon debuted “Virtual Reality Pictionary” on Friday’s “Tonight Show,” and it was quite the sight. Watch below!

The host explained, “The game works exactly like Pictionary, except the person who’s drawing will be wearing one of these virtual reality headsets, and drawing in this 3D space using this program called Tilt Brush. We’ll be able to see their point of view through the virtual reality up on the big screen.”

Fallon brought out guest Andrew Rannells to be his partner, while “SNL” star Michael Che made a surprise appearance to team up with Steve Higgins. Amusingly, as soon as the “Weekend Update” anchor came on stage, Higgins enthusiastically announced, “We did it, we won!” Fallon shot back, “No, you didn’t win! We didn’t play the game yet.”

The competition eventually kicked off with Fallon donning the headset first, and Higgins immediately tried to mess with him, until the host announced he takes jiu jitsu. He then drew his first task (“snake charmer”) seemingly right in the air in front of him. But the nifty technology made it appear on the screen behind him.

Taking the headset off, Fallon warned, “It’s so weird. You’re going to freak out.” So, how did the others do when it was their turn? Well, poop was involved. Check out the full video below!


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