Jimmy Fallon Talks New Universal Orlando Ride On “Today Show” (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Fallon Today Show Universal Orlando Ride

By Holly Nicol |

Jimmy Fallon Today Show Universal Orlando Ride


Jimmy Fallon appeared on Wednesday’s “Today Show” to discuss his new ride at Universal Studios in Orlando. Watch the full interview below!

Fallon was on the morning show to talk about “Race Through New York,” which is inspired by the “Tonight Show” program and the city itself. “It’s kind of insane. We have our own ride. It’s the weirdest thing ever,” he said.

The talk show host went on to explain how his dream of creating a rollercoaster became a reality. “Back when I took over ‘Late Night,’ I pitched a rollercoaster to Mark Woodbury, and I actually got a meeting with him. He said thank you, but no,” Fallon noted. “Luckily we got the ‘Tonight Show’ and they called us. I got my papers and I had everything written out. It took three years to make this thing. It is the best ride!”

An excited Fallon then revealed what people can expect when they step onto the ride, which opens April 6. “It’s insane. There’s smell-o-vision. You go around Radio City, you get stuck in traffic, you stop at a pizzeria. You smell pizza. It’s a race through New York,” he said. “There’s 70 seats, you sit in a theater, it’s all hydraulics. It’s the most insane thing. You go down into an empty subway train, a train comes at you, you go to the moon, you go to the East River and get wet. It’s every single thing you want in a ride.” Watch the full video below!

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