Jimmy Fallon ‘Today Show’ Video: Watch Golden Globes Interview!

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Jimmy Fallon Today Show Interview

By Andrew Shuster |

Jimmy Fallon Today Show Interview


Jimmy Fallon appeared on Thursday’s “Today” show to talk about hosting the the 2017 Golden Globes on Sunday night. Watch the full interview in the video below!

“Today” anchor Matt Lauer first asked the “Tonight Show” host if he’s hesitant to mock the celebrities in attendance at the awards show, to which Fallon admitted, “Yeah, I mean you go, ‘All of these people are gonna be on my show in the next couple of weeks.'” But he added, “I can still poke fun. I ride that line. I’m not so extreme… You’ve seen my show, you’ve seen my monologues. I hit everybody equally and in a more fun way.”

Fallon continued, “This one I’m going full on glitz, glamour, fun. We’re in a really fun business, we’re so lucky to be in this entertainment business and this should be entertaining. It’s gonna be a party.” As far as which stars he’ll be roasting, the host joked, “That’s classified. Only me and Russian hackers know who I’m gonna hit.”

When Lauer asked if Donald Trump will be the butt of any jokes, Fallon teased, “I heard that Trump will be live tweeting during the show — ‘#unfunny.'” He added, “It’s not heavily political. You know, none of my stuff is that political. There’s other ways to be creative with that.” In terms of what his gig entails, Fallon said, “I think the job of the host of these shows is to come out with some fun opening, have some jokes, and then just kind of, ‘Let’s go!’ Let’s give it to the stars… You know, you’re hosting a party.” Watch the full interview below.

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