Jimmy Fallon And Taylor Lautner Play “Random Object Shootout” On ‘Tonight Show’ – WATCH VIDEO

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Jimmy Fallon Taylor Lautner basket

By Michael Lewittes |

Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Lautner competed in a “Random Object Shootout” on Thursday’s “Tonight Show” in honor of March Madness. Basically, the two attempted to shoot a number of odd things, including a ukulele filled with Fruity Pebbles, a Lincoln Log house, and a boombox into a basket. See the video below.

It started with Lautner shooting a glass bowl full of bouncy mini-basketballs. He missed, but Fallon sank his shot. After that, they both attempted to shoot the ukele filled with Fruity Pebblesinto the basket. Lautner was close, but just missed. Fallon, on the other hand, hit his second shot, too. That was followed by Lautner and Fallon shooting a rainboot filled with rain. That time around, Lautner scored with the boot, but Fallon missed his shot.

Next, Lautner tried to shoot a Lincoln Log house into the basket. And again, Lautner scored. The two were then tied 2-2. Fallon could have pulled ahead, but missed his shot with the Lincoln Log house.

Neither Lautner nor Fallon were successful shooting the werewolf on the burrito into the basket. For their last shots, they both tried to shoot a boombox into the hoop. Lautner scored, but Fallon missed. The final score was 3-2 in favor of Lautner. Check out the video below of Taylor Lautner and Jimmy Fallon playing “Random Object Shootout” on the “Tonight Show.”


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