Jimmy Fallon Surprises Andy Cohen With Favorite Snacks, Plays “5-Second Summaries” On “Tonight Show” (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Fallon Andy Cohen Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Fallon Andy Cohen Video


Jimmy Fallon knows how to treat a guest right. On Friday’s “Tonight Show,” he surprised Andy Cohen with his favorite snacks. Watch the video below!

“I want to make you feel comfortable here. We love having you here, so I got some of your favorite snacks,” Fallon told a shocked Cohen, who asked, “You did?!” He was delightfully stunned when Fallon put a big bowl of Doritos on his desk, followed by an equally big bowl of SpaghettiOs. “My fave! This is a celebration,” Cohen exclaimed. “You know what, it’s a Friday night and I’m with Jimmy!”

He went on to admit that he actually does celebrate things in his life with SpaghettiOs, and confessed that he doesn’t even need a spoon because he just uses the Doritos chips to scoop the pasta out of the bowl. As he and Fallon tried out the combination, Cohen shared, “This brings me back to my childhood.” Since the pair are actually close friends, Fallon has long been aware of pal’s SpaghettiOs obsession. And Cohen revealed, “I had SpaghettiOs in honor of Jimmy on Golden Globes night. I was like, ‘Jimmy’s hosting, I have to make SpaghettiOs.'”

The conversation took a turn when Fallon showed a childhood photo of Cohen holding a rifle at camp. He was actually “certified” by an NRA expert, he said, but the only guns he shoots these days are the ones found at carnivals. The Cohen love fest continued with Fallon touting his buddy’s success with Radio Andy on SiriusXM, “Love Connection,” and “Watch What Happens Live.” All the while, Cohen kept dunking the Doritos in the SpaghettiOs, and they even made plans to do an interview while in a pool for his radio show.

Fallon and Cohen also played a funny game of “5-Second Summaries,” in which they had only five seconds or less to describe a television show for the other player to guess the title. Check out the videos below! NOTE: One of the videos is no longer available.

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