Jimmy Fallon Makes Steve Wozniak’s Friend Go Into Labor During “Tonight Show” Taping (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Fallon Woman Labor

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Fallon Woman Labor


How funny is Jimmy Fallon? Apparently funny enough to make a woman’s water break! Check out the video below!

During Friday’s taping of “The Tonight Show,” a pregnant audience member went into labor. And it wasn’t quite a random person, either. Steve Wozniak was attending the shoot, and brought along his expectant pal.

Wozniak came to the taping to hang out with the show’s guest, Seth Rogen, who plays the Apple co-founder in the upcoming Steve Jobs movie. While Wozniak was unseen for most of the show, he was invited on stage for a game of “True Confessions.” But before it got underway, Wozniak, ahem, delivered some surprising news.

“You know the girl that we were talking about, you signed the baby book for?” Wozniak said to Fallon. “Her water broke in the audience. She had to leave.” The host revealed he was told about the crazy turn of events during the commercial break, and explained to the audience, “This really happened.”

Fallon went on to recount, “Your guest that was with you tonight, she was sitting up in the audience, and she was pregnant. And you told me before the show she was three weeks out. And you go, ‘Don’t make her laugh too [hard]’… And her water broke during the commercial break.”

Fallon assured the audience that was “she’s great” and “everything was great,” with the woman now on her way to the hospital. Wozniak, however, joked that she was actually upstairs giving birth in Lorne Michaels’ office. Rogen, meanwhile, seemed amazed. Watch below!


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