Jimmy Fallon Does Drag For “Single Life” Sketch With Rebel Wilson On “Tonight Show” — WATCH VIDEO HERE!

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Jimmy Fallon Rebel Wilson Single Life Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Fallon Rebel Wilson Single Life Video


Jimmy Fallon once again did drag on the “Tonight Show,” this time for a sketch with Rebel Wilson on Friday’s episode. Watch below!

The bit had Fallon playing a woman named Fallonia with Wilson appearing as herself. The two started off at a restaurant, where they were disgusted by all the couples. The segment then turned into a music video, with the stars singing a song called “Single Life” about how “awesome” it is to be unattached.

Among the perks of being single for Fallonia was not having to share meals, having “simpler” taxes, and “being able to like Bieber’s posts without feeling guilty.” Wilson, meanwhile, liked being able to write to prisoners and “buy what I want, like this f*cking pair of heels.”

The chorus entailed chanting “single life” over and over again, with a hook that repeated “booty slap for single life.” And yes, Fallonia and Wilson demonstrated the act. There was also references to horniness and STDs, but things took to a dark turn when the actress sang, “On eHarmony your soul gets sucked and no one finds your dead body in the tub, so get your sexy ass out in the club.”

Wilson, of course, was on “The Tonight Show” to promote her new movie, How To Be Single. Mission accomplished. Check out the funny video below!


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