Jimmy Fallon Shaves Josh Brolin’s Mustache On “Tonight Show” — WATCH!

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Jimmy Fallon Josh Brolin

By Michael Lewittes |

Jimmy Fallon Josh Brolin


Josh Brolin had his mustache shaved off by Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show.” Watch the video below!

Fallon clearly didn’t approve of Brolin’s mustache, which the actor joked he was sporting because “the next movie I’m doing is a ‘70s porn… I’m doing research.” In actuality, Brolin explained that the facial hair and his 40-pound weight gain were for his role in the upcoming film Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter. But since he finished shooting the movie earlier this week, Brolin said he now had “to get rid of this look.”

Fallon immediately offered to help Brolin by shaving off his mustache. But with an electric razor, he only shaved the left side, cracking, “Now you can play two characters at once.” Brolin shifted so that his clean-shaven side faced the camera and declared, “Oh my god, I love The Goonies.”

Fallon then spread shaving cream on Brolin’s face, and the actor finished shaving himself as the host held up a mirror for him. As Brolin shaved, he talked about the one time he met Donald Trump, recalling, “I was doing Wall Street and forgot my wallet, so I needed $20 in order to pay for the cab. And I asked anybody if they could give me $20 and he did.” Brolin then joked, “He’s a good guy! He should be president!”

Was Brolin’s face as smooth as a baby’s butt by the time he was done? Check out the full video below!


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