Jimmy Fallon Thanks Fans For Support, Warns Not To Google Ring Avulsion

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Jimmy Fallon Ring Avulsion

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Fallon Ring Avulsion

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Jimmy Fallon took to Twitter on Tuesday to thank fans for their support hours after he made his big return to “The Tonight Show.”

As Gossip Cop reported, the NBC series aired its first new episode Monday night after a two-week hiatus. While the break was scheduled to give staffers a much-needed summer vacation, it also came right after Fallon landed in the hospital for emergency surgery after nearly ripping off his finger. Monday’s episode was the star’s first chance to explain exactly what happened, and he did so in gory, but amusing fashion.

Fallon said he suffered from a ring avulsion, where his finger nearly came off after his ring caught on a table, and he narrowly avoided having it amputated. He spent 10 days in the hospital ICU, and it will still be weeks before any feeling comes back. But Fallon is feeling the love from fans, who took to Twitter after the broadcast to send him well-wishes.

The host responded Tuesday morning, “Thanks again for all of the “get well” messages. I will. :) please don’t google ‘ring avulsion.’ But I have an idea for a new wedding ring!” One Twitter user shared in response, “I know a guy with similar injury, they took his finger off. His ring got caught when hand slipped doing a pull up on a ledge.” Fallon remarked in a reply, “It’s crazy how common it is. Adults and kids too.”

Unfortunately, though, at least one person didn’t take the comedian’s advice about NOT looking up the ailment on the Internet. “Of course i googled ring avulsion after i saw this, why would u do this to me,” tweeted a fan. Fallon wrote back, “You rebel! I warned you!!”

And consider, dear readers, this be a warning to you, too. This poor writer, in the name research, learned the hard way. Gossip Cop wishes Fallon a speedy recovery.


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