Jimmy Fallon Puppies Predict 2017 Kentucky Derby Winner On “Tonight Show”

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Jimmy Fallon Puppies Kentucky Derby

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Fallon Puppies Kentucky Derby

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Jimmy Fallon used puppies to predict the winner of the 2017 Kentucky Derby, which takes place on Saturday. Check out the video below!

Fallon has turned his “Puppy Predictors” bit on “The Tonight Show” into a recurring series in which golden retriever puppies are used to predict which team will win major sports events. In late March, for instance, he used adorable pups to guess the outcome of the NCAA March Madness tournament, and in February, the dogs were called on to determine who would win the Super Bowl.

Now, this is not a scientific method. Typically, a group of puppies is unleashed at the same time. Food bowls are set up to represent different teams, and the bowl/team that ends up with the most hungry pups around it is declared the winner. For the Kentucky Derby, the process is a little different. As seen during last year’s installment, each pooch is assigned a horse to represent. Initially held back by a makeshift starting gate, the puppies are all released from their respective stalls at the same time, and the dog/horse that reaches the kibble trough first is named the champion.

At the end of the 2016 edition, the pup representing Mor Spirit was named victorious. The same, however, could not be said for the actual equine who later competed in the horse race. Will Fallon’s puppy-fueled prediction be right this time around? Watch the video below to see which puppy/horse came out on top, and come back to Gossip Cop later for coverage of the real Kentucky Derby.

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