Jimmy Fallon Mocks Strahan: “Quite A Big Gap To Fill” At “Live” (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Fallon Michael Strahan Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Fallon Michael Strahan Video


Jimmy Fallon mocked Michael Strahan and his appearance during Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Check out the video below.

Friday editions of NBC’s late-night show usually have Fallon writing out tongue-in-cheek “thank you” notes. Sometimes they’re random jokes, and other times they relate to the week’s hot topics. And this time, the host made a crack at Strahan’s expense.

“Thank you, Michael Strahan, for exiting ‘Live with Kelly and Michael,'” Fallon said, “and leaving quite a big gap to fill.” The dig at Strahan’s infamous gap-toothed grin led the audience to break out into rapturous laughter. That only continued when an on-screen graphic had Strahan look as if he was inside his own mouth gap.

The digital editing even had Fallon amused, asking, “Is there a little Michael Strahan in his mouth?” The bit came two days after “The Daily Show” also did a segment poking fun at Strahan. As Gossip Cop reported, Lewis Black berated the former NFL star for decision to leave “Live” for “GMA,” and then (jokingly) auditioned to be his replacement.

And Kelly Ripa herself has been raising eyebrows, too. As Gossip Cop previously noted, she made an unexpected comment about Strahan’s two divorces on Friday’s broadcast. Watch Fallon’s video below, and listen closely for the Harry Styles joke, too.


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