Jimmy Fallon Surprised By Lenny Kravitz On Third “Tonight Show” Anniversary

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Jimmy Fallon Lenny Kravitz Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jimmy Fallon Lenny Kravitz Video


Jimmy Fallon was surprised by Lenny Kravitz as he celebrated his third anniversary of hosting “The Tonight Show.” Watch below!

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” premiered on February 17, 2014. Now three years later, he was kicking off an interview with Zoe Kravitz when she told him, “Happy third anniversary!” The host called the milestone “exciting,” and Zoe suggested they have a drink to celebrate. All of a sudden, out came Lenny carrying “Dark N Stormy” drinks in red solo cups.

Fallon exclaimed in shock, “C’mon! Lenny Kravitz! You know how to do it, man! You’re the best!” The two men embraced, and then Lenny disappeared as quickly as he appeared. Zoe adorably yelled out as he went backstage, “Thank you, dad!”

Fallon still couldn’t help but gush. “How cool? He’s the coolest of all time,” he marveled. “Lenny Kravitz just came out with ‘Dark N Stormy.’ This is the best ‘Tonight Show’ we’ve ever had. Ever. I’m so happy.” Fellow guest Joel McHale then cracked, “Zoe, do you know that guy?”

“Never seen him before in my life,” she deadpanned. Fallon then tried to get things back on track, but not before announcing, “First of all, that was just so cool, that that just happened.” Check out the video below!

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