Jimmy Fallon And Keith Urban Sing “FML” Country Songs On “Tonight Show” (VIDEO)

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Keith Urban Jimmy Fallon Video FML

By Shari Weiss |

Keith Urban Jimmy Fallon Video FML


Jimmy Fallon and Keith Urban sang country songs on Friday’s “Tonight Show” that were all about the slang term “FML.” Watch below!

For those unaware, “FML” stands for “f*ck my life.” It’s generally used in online lingo to express frustration when something has gone wrong. And for their duet, Fallon and Urban looked to real entries on the website for inspiration.

Fallon began by joking that he’s actually in a country music duo called “FML,” before putting on a cowboy hat and having Urban join him on stage. The country superstar then said he wasn’t having a “good” day, and would tell him about it. “Today I heard water drinking from the back of my house,” Urban sang. “I went to investigate, only to find a man peeing on my garden gnome. FML.”

The late-night host responded, “You think you got it bad? Listen to this.” Fallon then sang, “Today we got our yearbooks for school. I opened to my profile to see they misspelled my name, which is James. And instead, they wrote ‘Lames.’ FML.”

The tales only got worse, but more hilarious from there, with the story of a person paying 25 cents to get fired and another discovering that their cat isn’t ill, just fat. We won’t spoil the last one, though. Check out the funny video below!


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