Jimmy Kimmel Jokes Jimmy Fallon Looks Like “Jihad” Plane Passenger (PHOTO)

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Jimmy Fallon Hijacker

By Daniel Gates |

Jimmy Fallon Hijacker

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Jimmy Kimmel joked about late-night rival Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, but not in the way you might expect. The comedian tweeted a screenshot of CNN’s website’s article about the man who disrupted a United Airlines flight to Denver by running toward the cockpit and screaming, “Jihad!” Kimmel captioned the image, “Oh, @JimmyFallon what did you DO?!” See below.

In fact, the would-be hijacker, who has not yet been identified and does not appear to have any actual terrorist ties, does bear a passing resemblance to Fallon, who responded to Kimmel by tweeting, “That’s not me. That’s young Bob Dylan doing Cabaret.”

Most Twitter users seemed to enjoy the Fallon and Kimmel back-and-forth, although some people found the topic less than humorous. “That’s not a funny joke,” wrote on Twitter user, while others commented on how “scary” the actual situation on the plane was.

While there are conflicting reports from passengers about what exactly transpired on the United flight, it’s been confirmed that an “unruly” passenger ran toward the cockpit, yelling about “jihad.” He may have threatened to have a bomb. Several other passengers subdued him as the plane was diverted to Washington, D.C. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt, and it appears that the man’s threatening behavior was not tied to any actual terrorist threat. When the plane landed, the man was taken to a hospital for evaluation. Check out Kimmel’s tweet below, and tell us what you think of his joke.

Jimmy Fallon Jihad



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